Domaine du Val en Baie de Somme : Label LUCIE pour un séjour, un week-end nature et responsable

Le Domaine du Val has been awarded the Lucie Label.

This is a reference label indicating a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility. The LUCIE reference invites organizations to build their CSR approach around seven commitments:

  • Respect the interests of customers and consumers
  • Preserve the environment
  • Preserve the environment
  • Act loyally and responsibly on markets
  • Respect the fundamental rights of the individual
  • Combine company interest with general interest
  • Ensure the transparency of decision-making and control

Le Domaine du Val naturally shows deep respect for the environment.

Here, everything reflects the good common sense of people who love the land. Without imposing anything on our guests, we encourage “green” cleaning products, eco-habits, waste sorting and composting. The way residents are attracted to the vegetable garden and local products reassures us in our approach to responsible tourism in the Bay of Somme area.

As part of this approach, le Domaine du Val has become a member of “Bay of Somme – Zero Carbon”

Created by tourism professionals, this eco-responsible association is a private initiative that aims to preserve the unique environment of the Bay of Somme.