Rental is made according to the following terms and conditions, which the tenant shall make best endeavors to implement and execute.


The tenant shall occupy the site for private use only. Exercising a trade, profession or industry is strictly prohibited, and the tenant recognizes that the premises mentioned in this contract are rented only as a temporary residence and for leisure purposes.

The tenant shall make best efforts to ensure that the tranquility of the buildings and neighboring area are not disturbed, either by the tenant or the tenant’s family or people working for the tenant.

The tenant shall occupy the site as a reasonable individual, without exceeding the number of occupants indicated in the description and according to the seasonal rental agreement; the tenant shall not pitch a tent in the garden or park a mobile home there and shall ensure the proper upkeep and security of the premises and installations made available to the tenant. All these installations are made available in good condition, and the correction of any malfunction concerning them which occurs over 72 hours after the rental period has begun will be the responsibility of the tenant. If repairs must be made because of negligence or poor upkeep during the rental period, the tenant shall be responsible for payment. In particular, when the tenant vacates the premises, all furnishings and machines must be perfectly clean and in proper working order. If this is not the case, repair work and cleaning shall be at the tenant’s expense.

The tenant shall not place a wood-burning stove in the rented premises. If, in spite of this prohibition, the tenant installs other heaters in addition to the equipment already existing in the rented premises, the tenant shall have the sole responsibility for the consequences of this installation. In addition, the tenant must be especially careful to avoid discarding any object or product that may lead to a deterioration of the septic tank or blockage of the pipes; otherwise, the tenant must pay for any fees incurred for the repair of the installation.

The tenant shall not substitute any people in the tenant’s group nor sublet the rented premises, even free of charge, without the written agreement of the lessor.

The tenant shall insure against rental risks, theft, fire, water damage and claims by neighbors, as well as insuring rental furnishings.

The tenant shall avoid discarding objects that may block pipes in washbasins, bathtubs, bidets, sinks, etc.; otherwise, the tenant shall be responsible for any cost of repairing any obstruction.

The tenant cannot demand a rental reduction if urgent repairs required by the lessor appear during the rental period.


Booking will not be effective until reception of the duly signed rental contract and the payment of a deposit fee of 25%, subject to acceptance by the lessor. Bookings by phone, fax or email that are not followed up within 72 hours with a deposit fee will not be taken into account. A confirmation will be sent to the tenant by return email.


The tenant shall respect the following arrival and departure times:

  • weekly stay, 7 nights (from Saturday to Saturday in July and August): arrival between 5 pm and 8 pm / departure before 10 am
  • weekend stay: arrival: Friday between 4 pm and 8 pm / departure: Sunday or Monday before 10 am
  • mid-week stay: arrival: Monday between 4 pm and 8 pm / departure: Friday before 10 am


Rates include all taxes and include: availability of the accommodation including charges (water, electricity, heating), bed linen with bed made upon arrival, access to the swimming pool and to the play area for children, availability of a TV and a phone line in each home.

The following are not included in the rate: final cleaning of the home, bath linens, cleaning products (dishwasher detergent, sponge, etc.), personal consumption (phone, bar, etc.), administrative fees and the tourist tax.


Excepting cases of force majeure (death, serious illness, etc.) justified by an official document, the tenant shall be subject to the following fees in case of cancellation:

  • cancellation before the 30th day preceding the stay: administrative fees only
  • cancellation from the 15th to the 30th day preceding arrival: 30% of the cost of the stay
  • cancellation from the 14th to the 8th day preceding arrival: 50% of the cost of the stay
  • less than 7 days before arrival: 75% of the cost of the stay


If the tenant is not present on the date and at the time agreed to, the lessor shall immediately rent to someone else. The lessor shall keep the deposit amount.


In case of premature interruption of the stay by the tenant, and if the responsibility of the lessor is not involved, there will be no reimbursement except for the security deposit fee.


The tenant shall pay the lessor the sum of €200 on the day the tenant takes possession of the premises as a guarantee for possible damage caused to objects found on the rental premises, as well as for various charges and consumptions (gas, electricity, etc.).
In addition, the sum of €40 or €45 may be added to the security deposit fee for complete cleaning of the premises.
The security deposit shall be reimbursed within a ten-day period following the stay, with deduction of any amount due by the tenant for charges or rental repairs, if any.
A detailed description of furnishings shall be given to the tenant upon arrival. The tenant has 12 hours to notify the lessor of any problems.


Only dogs and cats which have been tattooed and vaccinated (provide an up-to-date vaccination record) will be accepted in the residence. There shall be no more than one animal per home.


For execution of this agreement, the address for service of the parties shall be the lessor at his home office and the tenant at his personal home and it shall be agreed that the competent court shall be that of the district in which the rental premises are found.

Drawn up at Grand-Laviers,
January 24, 2007