Château de Rambures

Visite du Château fort de Rambures

What if you decided this afternoon to take the family to the first fortress in France made of bricks by Lafayette’s comrade in arms? A great idea! You won’t be taken just anywhere. The castle has loopholes, machicolation, moats and much more. It’s easy to imagine knights on the parapets as you discover this amazing building in childlike wonder!

When you enter the castle, you’ll see that each small item has kept its original aspect. The furnishings haven’t aged at all and paintings from the time will introduce you to the fantastic history of a great family. Be sure to climb all the way up to the top floor. You’ll discover the legendary rampart walk that goes around the building. From this walkway, you’d be able to see your enemies over an impressive panorama. Play the game! Close your eyes and pretend for a moment that a horde of assailants has come to conquer your lands…

To end your visit, follow your fancy as you stroll through the site’s romantic park and its rose garden with over 500 different varieties!

And there’s an extra: The castle regularly organizes evenings filled with monsters and ghosts! Shivers guaranteed!

Tél : 03 22 25 10 93

Visite du Château fort de Rambures


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