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Oiseaux -Parc-Marquenterre

“The birds are wild… They have eyes and ears…” This is what you can read as you enter the paradise of migratory birds on the northern end of the Bay of Somme. Shush now! Keep quiet so you can get closer!

The Marquenterre ornithological park is a fascinating place, where humans and nature confront each other with respect! This magical living area features varied landscapes, ranging from ponds, dunes and pine trees to the sea and swamps. So that you can have a good look at our dear feathered guests and avoid frightening them, the park has taken care of everything! Small wooden cabins let you secretly observe wildlife and nature in a natural state. Your children will love it!

Warblers, chickadees, robins, sandpipers… The whole family can listen together to the sweet lullaby of the birds at the Bay of Somme.

Useful information:

Der Marquenterre-Park bietet viele Möglichkeiten: Führungen, Workshops für Kinder, Kutschfahrten usw. Vergnügen Sie sich nach Lust und Laune und tanken Sie frische, reine Luft!

Marquenterre Park offers a number of activities, from guided tours to children’s workshops and outings in a horse-drawn carriage. Follow your heart’s desire, and fill your lungs with fresh air.

Marquenterre Park
25 bis chemin des Garennes
80120 Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont

For more information, visit the Park website:

Oiseaux -Parc-Marquenterre


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