Full comfort and perfectly equipped

Excellence is the standard for this three-star tourist residence that captivates an increasingly numerous international clientele visiting the Bay of Somme for a relaxing stay.
Le Domaine du Val is found in a rural setting, on the lands of the Bay of Somme near Abbevile at Grand-Laviers, a small village on the road to the sea.
The residence features 30 wooden homes bordering a small valley. All of them have a southern exposure, with a panoramic view of the surrounding nature and the Abbeville golf course.
Residents are often nature lovers who come for a weekend to enjoy a breath of fresh air or spend a week in a green environment.

Affirmative, attractive choices

Residents feel at home immediately in these homes, which are as practical as they are comfortable. They appreciate the concept of a residence that’s just the right size and composed of warm “eco-lodgings” with red cedar on the outside, Douglas fir on the floors and larch for the terrace guardrails.
Le Domaine du Val displays respect for the environment: without imposing anything on guests, everything here reflects the good common sense of people who love the land.
At Le Domaine du Val, cleaning products are eco-friendly and guests are encouraged to sort waste.

IMG_0938As the veritable “beating heart” of the residence, the club house is open daily. It’s an enjoyable place to be, where guests can savor breakfast or tea in the lounge and taste delicious, locally produced apple juice at the bar.
They can take leisurely advantage of a heated indoor swimming pool, a fitness gym and a special play area for children.

The best spot is in the fields!

Residents will enjoy total calm, the beauty of the surrounding countryside and a successful blending into the landscape. Their children will love to spend time exploring the three hectares of nature around the residence.

Last year, owner Xavier Mennesson preferred to install an outdoor area with large wooden tables, instead of the currently fashionable infrastructures: here, tribes can get together for lunch in the open air, seminars can end their evening in the moonlight, and everyone has access to the vegetable garden.
“This garden is meant to show little city-dwellers how nature grows and to give them a taste of freshly harvested vegetables,” explains Xavier Mennesson.
A favorite activity for guests large and small is to roam through the vegetable plots in the garden; twice weekly, the garden harvest is distributed to residents.

“Le Domaine du Val residence in Picardy is a great place to stay”: : the residence guest book is filled with warm comments like this, and guests promise to come back to enjoy country living once again.